Ramón Morcillo - Resume (PDF)

As a Full-stack JavaScript / TS engineer, I possess the skills to bootstrap, architecture, or improve your project.
Additionally, I provide services such as consulting, code analysis, and guidance to elevate your codebase while adhering to the latest standards in modern web development.
Get in touch with me at hey@ramonmorcillo.com

You can find an updated live version of this resume at https://www.ramonmorcillo.com/resume


Front-End: React, Next, CSS-in-JS, Chakra
Back-End: GraphQL, tRPC, serverless, Prisma, PostgreSQL, Mongo, AWS, Azure
Tooling: TypeScript, ESLint, Prettier, Storybook,Cypress, Jest, Docker, Zod

Work Experience

Co-Founder at Mapmelon

Remote11/2022 - Present

- Make digital nomadism more accessible and enjoyable while connecting the community with the best coliving spaces. - Develop the whole platform from scratch with Next.js, Typescript, Prisma, and other modern technologies. - Design the architecture of the platform to be scalable and maintainable.

Software Engineer at On Target AI

Remote06/2023 - Present

- Craft the whole user interface of the platform while develop a maintainable and scalable codebase.

Full-Stack Engineer at Flick

Remote11/2021 - 06/2021

- Implement complex React user experiences, delivering intuitive and seamless interfaces. - Integrate an AI Social Marketing Assistant powered by OpenAI to overcome users' creative blocks and enhance marketing strategies. - Implement new social channels to open the platform to new audiences.

Full-Stack Engineer at One Beyond

Remote03/2020 - 11/2021

- Build rich interfaces with React, Next.js, Jest, Cypress. - Design GraphQL & Rest Microservices in NodeJS. - Use MongoDB, PostgreSQL, or Redis for persistence. - Develop CI&CD in Azure and GitHub Actions. - Orchestrate K8s clusters with K9s, & Helm. - Manage the Azure Cloud infrastructure with Terraform. - Develop a reusable ecommerce platform (same codebase, multiple clients) with a microservice architecture based on both, sync & async communication. https://ramonmorcillo.com/developing-a-reusable-ecommerce-platform/

Full-Stack Engineer at 1millionbot

Alicante and Remote01/2018 - 03/2020

- Develop the company dashboard to speed up the NLP chatbots training by 50%. - Design the company's architecture & integrate its infra into GCP - Implement an Agile workflow with Github for Software Project Management.

Project Highlights (see more)


2022 - Present

The all-in-one app for nomad colivers. Discover, Connect, and Share with the Coliving Community.

Manage your social presence as a maker, with AI-powered build updates.

A collection of life advices learned along the way.

Education and languages

Degree in Software Engineering - Alicante University, 2014
Master in Web Engineering - Madrid Polytechnic University, 2019

I speak and write 🇪🇸 Spanish (native), 🇬🇧 English (fluent)